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SA-Twelve Group are here to help you keep track of the things that are important to you.

Vehicle Tracking

Use SA-Twelve Group’s live tracking to view your vehicles from any of your desired device at any time of the day. Everything is accessible from the internet without the necessity of an additional software.
  • Analyse their daily activity

  • Locate your vehicles 24/7

Monitoring driver’s behaviour

Training your staff to advance their driving style is stress-free with SA-Twelve Group. We have a variety of reports that can be generated with ease to give you all the facts and data needed to guide and encourage safe economical driving behaviour.

  • Monitor speed, acceleration, and braking profiles

  • Compare vehicles across your fleet

  • Review data with drivers and make changes

  • Monitor speed, acceleration, and braking profiles

  • Compare vehicles across your fleet

  • Review data with drivers and make changes

  • Receive automatically-generated reports

  • View start and end locations and times

  • Verify activity on particular dates

Driver timesheets using Excel

Timesheets and daily logs are easy to read and customisable for each vehicle and driver. Short trips (e.g. around a depot) can be viewed or filtered out whenever needed.

Geo-fencing & speeding alerts

SA-Twelve Group’s geo-fencing alerts enables you to react to any unauthorised movements by your vehicles in real-time. You will also receive reports which summarise all speeding incidents in your fleet in near live time.

  • Receive notifications when rules are broken

  • Generate geographic zones

  • Set times and rules for each

Dashcam integration

Clients can use an integrated dashcam to capture footage from employees’ vehicles to support any investigations.

  • Automatically uploads key events to the Cloud

  • Capture HD 1080p footage of any trip

  • Advance vehicle utilisation and operation

  • Validate how long staff were on site

  • View service and inspection dates across your fleet

Fleet management tools

SA-Twelve Group’s management tools guarantee you never miss significant targets and deadlines. You can accurately forecast and investigate fleet usage and see vehicles that are under-utilised.

Tracking device options

SA-Twelve Group proposes various tracking device installation options which range from simple self-install plug in devices to engineer installed, hard-wired solutions.
  • Two-wire, self-install battery connected option

  • Hard-wired, engineer installed tracking devices

  • OBD (On Board Diagnosis) plug-in devices that are easy to switch between vehicles

  • Add MOT, tax, service and insurance renewal dates

  • Manage driver/vehicle details and set up groups

  • Manage geofences, privacy hours and custom locations.

  • Add MOT, tax, service and insurance renewal dates

  • Manage driver/vehicle details and set up groups

  • Manage geofences, privacy hours and custom locations

System configuration

Our clients can customise SA-Twelve Group’s vehicle tracking to suit their requirements. Each vehicle can be either configured by us or by you to adapt the reports to your desires.

Personnel Tracking

Lone Worker Tracking

SA-Twelve Group recognises the risks associated with lone workers and therefore now offer a solution to protect employees when working without close or direct supervision. SA-Twelve Group enables organisations to meet their legal and moral duty of care responsibility in protecting employee’s health, safety and welfare while at work. SA-Twelve Group’s lone worker solution ensures individuals can send a panic alert if in danger, or check in at a scheduled time, while continually being tracked. Should an employer wish to place a Geo-Fence around an area, they will be alerted when a tracking device passes that Geo-Fence boundary.

Kids Mini GPS Tracking Device

You can see your child’s locations and routes at a glance!

SA-Twelve Group’s tracking tag is a cost-effective solution to ensure you know where your loved ones are at all times.

Your heart misses a beat the moment when you realise that you’ve lost a loved one who’s extremely important to you. At that very moment, wouldn’t you love to be able to simply get out your smartphone and find the location of that beloved one?

The tracking tag is easy to maintain, the small size makes it a practical everyday school accessory.

  • Long standby

  • Waterproof and dust proof design

  • Free mobile APP (for Android and Apple/iOS)

  • Real-time location tracking

  • SOS emergency help

  • Geo-fence

  • Low power alarm

Smartphone Tracking App

SA-Twelve Group’s GPS tracking app is designed to locate individuals at any time around the world via their smartphone, tablet or personal GPS Trackers. Our tracking app is available on Apple/iOS and Android devices plus Iridium and other satellite phones.

SA-Twelve Group uses GPS and other technologies to provide the best GPS tracking updates while outdoors or indoors. Geo-fences and panic button alerts ensure you, your family and employees are tracked which in turn helps protect them.

  • Panic Button

    Turn your smartphone into a GPS tracker with a covert panic button feature. Alerts are sent in real time using SMS and Email.

  • Privacy Mode

    Protect users' personal privacy without compromising safety. Privacy Mode allows users to choose when to be tracked whilst keeping the panic button feature.

  • Geo-Fencing

    Define high-risk areas and safe zones by drawing any shape onto a map. Receive alerts as employees enter and leave Geo-fences.

  • Mass Notification

    Contact employees via in-App Messages, SMS and email in a crisis situation.

Personal Tracker

A personal tracker is a discreet GPS tracking device that provides accurate locations which are automatically sent back to a secure portal. From an online platform you can monitor and locate an employee as they travel around the world, viewing their live and historic locations sent from the personal tracker.

A personal tracker has an extended battery life of up to 10 days when configured to 15-minute tracking intervals. Once the personal tracker has been turned on, you will automatically locate the device whether indoors or outdoors, it requires no user interaction apart from turning it on.

The SA-Twelve Group personal tracker has a built-in panic button. If activated, the personal tracker will send an email and SMS alert to multiple predetermined contact details which will explain if there is a potential problem and/or the location as to where it is.

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